6-Month-Old Found in Critical Condition Next to Dead Bodies at Motel

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
May 25, 2019 Updated: May 27, 2019

A six-month-old baby was found in critical condition next to two dead adult bodies in a motel. Authorities said the child was in the room alone for many days before they reached him.

The Michigan State Police found 26-year-old Jessica Bramer of Grand Rapids and 28-year-old Christian Reed of Marne dead in a motel room in Whitehall Township on May 24, reported Fox17.

The police said the infant was found in “dire need of medical attention” and was still being treated at a hospital in Grand Rapids as of Saturday afternoon, according to Holland Sentinel.

“It is believed that the infant child was alone in the room for a period of days (before being found). The 6-month-old child remains in critical condition at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital,” Michigan State Police said.

The forensic autopsies on the two dead bodies were done at Western Michigan University but no immediate cause of death was found. The toxicology outcome is not yet known.

Police said the motel where the dead bodies were found was the same place where a man shot another man in January, packed his dead body in a car’s trunk, and then killed himself.

Police have asked those who know Jessica Bramer and Christian Reed to get in touch with Detective Sergeant Denise Bentley at (616)-866-4411.

Another Family Lost

In another case, a man and a toddler were found dead at a residence at the Maple Valley on Thursday, reported Kiro7.

The King County Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating the case as a possible murder-suicide.

Police were called to the home for domestic violence and found a woman and a two-year-old unresponsive toddler. They gave the child CPR but were unable to revive him.

The child’s 30-year-old father was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Newborn Baby Girl Found in Thai Field Covered With Bug Bites, Doing Fine Now

Warning: Photos of the girl may be distressing to some viewers.

In Thailand, a newborn baby girl was found covered in mosquito and ant bites after she was dumped in a field, it was reported.

The girl was heard crying at night. Locals thought the noise was something else before they discovered her the next morning near Bangkok, the Daily Mail reported on May 23.

The girl was discovered on May 11.

Upon discovery, the girl’s skin looked raw and painful after she was bitten by the insects and exposed to the elements in the field.

Officials said the child didn’t sustain serious injuries, but added that her forehead had been bitten all over by insects, the Mail reported.

The report said she was found wrapped in a tiny blanket. Her umbilical cord wasn’t cut, suggesting the child wasn’t more than one day old.

The baby was taken to Lat Krabang Hospital where nurses have been taking care of the child who has not been named.

Police are now searching for her parents.

“We believe that the parents might live nearby the area,” Lieutenant Colonel Samart Klinklao, inspector of Chalong Krung police station was quoted by the paper as saying.

“Officers will check around the communities and ask the locals for more details,” the official said. “We will also check the CCTV cameras in the street to find who left the baby there.”

Other details about the incident were not provided.

Epoch Times reporter Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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