6-Beer DUI Volvo Driver Evades Police at 131 MPH Before Crashing in Georgia

October 15, 2019 Updated: October 15, 2019

Police in Alpharetta, Georgia, apprehended a DUI suspect that they recorded going at 131 mph on a highway on the morning of Oct. 12. After pursuing the male suspect, the speeding Volvo went airborne before striking a median and flipping over a guardrail. The driver emerged from the wreck unharmed.

Police subsequently named the man as Christopher Brock Jackson from nearby Gainesville. In an interview with WSBTV, Alpharetta Police Sgt. Howard Miller said that a police officer turned and followed the speeding Volvo. “The officer’s speed was about 120 miles an hour when he looked at it, and the Volvo was pulling away from him,” said Miller.

Miller went on to describe how the driver lost control: “[He] crossed over seven lanes of McFarland Parkway, struck the concrete median, flipped over the guardrail … The driver told the officers that he had been out that night and had at least six beers. During the investigation the officer located another open beer inside the car.”

“Thank God there wasn’t another car full of people on their way home that was in that lane of traffic that would’ve been T-boned, and [that] probably would’ve seriously injured if not killed everybody in that car,” he said.

The incident occurred some 30 miles northeast of the state capital Atlanta. Local police detailed the pursuit on their Facebook page: “One of our DUI officers clocked this Volvo traveling 131 mph (not a typo), heading north on GA400 through Alpharetta … early this morning. Our officer tried to catch up and stop the car, but once the driver saw the blue lights, he accelerated faster and per our officer, ‘He tried to exit at McFarland Pkwy but was going too fast, went airborne across McFarland, hit the concrete median, and flipped over the guardrail. He was able to walk out.'”

With the driver reaching speeds of up to 65 mph over the speed limit, police said that charges against the driver include DUI, open container of alcohol, reckless driving, speeding, fleeing, and eluding from law enforcement.

In their Facebook post, Alpharetta Department of Public Safety pleaded with members of the public to respect road rules and traffic laws. “Folks, please talk to your friends and family, share this post, and be careful out there,” they wrote.

According to Sgt. Miller, “Sometimes it seems like some of these drivers are just trying to outdo the other, and I don’t know why.”