50p Man aka ‘Smoggy’ Reportedly Offered a Job After Appearing in ‘Benefits Street’

January 7, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

‘Smoggy,’ also known as the the 50p man, was offered a job after appearing on “Benefits Street.”

The controversial show on Channel 4 in the U.K. show residents on James Turner Street in Birmingham, where 90 percent of families rely on government benefits them.

Smoggy sold household essentials to other residents in the first part of the documentary.

However, he ended up giving away some of the items for free to those most in need. 

“I’m struggling myself, and I know what’s it when you haven’t got nobody to help you, and when you’ve got to choose whether to buy toilet paper or sugar,” he told one resident, as he gave her several items for free.

Because of his caring nature, he got a new job, according to the Birmingham Mail. The new job wasn’t specified.

In addition, he received praised on the Internet. 

“I challenge you to watch #benefitsstreet and not be inspired by the 50p man! What a legend!”  tweeted the London dance troupe, Rudimental, for instance.

“The 50p man made me sad&made me smile all at once,” added Somalia Seaton via Twitter.

A Facebook page dedicated to Smoggy has over 4,000 likes.


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