50 Shades of Grey Trailer: ‘Fifty Shades’ Almost Became a Starz TV Show, CEO Claims

The Fifty Shades of Grey launch video is now the most-watched trailer in history, according to the film’s producers.

Universal said the trailer of the film adaption of the popular novel generated more than 100 million views on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The YouTube trailer had more than 20 million views alone.

The movie is coming out Feb. 13, 2015, starring Jamie Dornan as Chistian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele.

“Fifty Shades Of Grey trailers are pulling monumental views,” said RelishMix CEO Marc Krazen. “Add to that ripped and reposted versions on movie fan channels. It’s unprecedented for a film that’s six months out,” Krazen added, reported The Escapist.

According to Deadline.com, Yahoo, IMDB, Apple, and unofficial YouTube uploads were also counted.

“Here’s a sampling of Fifty Shades’ tear across social media in its first week: The 15-second teaser premiered unannounced to Beyonce’s 14 million Instagram fans on Saturday, July 19, notching 443,000 likes and over 85,000 comments in an unusual stroke of pop marketing synergy. The tease of a teaser featuring a breathy snippet of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love also aired in TV and digital spots for the next three days, and ran in a 30-second radio spot in 16 markets,” the website writes.

The reports on the trailer’s success comes as TV channel Starz reportedly wanted to make the EL James novel into a series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said, “If you read the book, this could only be a series … I’m the guy who called up Universal and said, ‘I’ll get you three years on the air as a series. Let’s just do a Fifty Shades of Grey series. But movie people think things are movies, and authors think things are movies. Up until recently, movies were the Tiffany jewel in the crown.”