50 Cent Says ‘Street King Immortal’ Will be ‘More Personal’ Than Previous Albums

March 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

50 Cent, the rapper born Curtis Jackson, said that “Street King Immortal” will be possibly his most “personal” album.

“Street King Immortal” is slated to be released after “Animal Ambition,” which comes out in June.

“It’ll be seamless,” said 50 Cent, referring to the transition between “Animal Ambition” and “Street King Immortal.”

He said, “It’s gonna ride right into it. Street King Immortal is more personal. It’s way more personal than this record. Of course this one is about a portion of my actual experience, but that one is…I talk about things that I haven’t talked about.”

The Queens, N.Y., rapper said that there’s a creative difference between his later music projects and his first album.

“The first record is everything and then you start to write different pieces, moments and highlights of things that are important for you,” he said. “This project, I had to search for a concept, a really good concept, in my perspective, and that was prosperity. I outlined all the things that would be a part of prosperity, positive and negative [for Animal Ambition].”

A few days ago, he said he wants top dollar for “Animal Ambition,” releasing a new song every Tuesday until it comes out June 3.

“Music sells everything but music,” he told the New York Daily News. “Think about it. Whether it’s old music or new music, music sells the car, music sells the horror movie …”

He said the latest album will probably be panned by critics.

“When you win for the first time, it’s like ‘boom’ — it’s confirmation that it’s possible to be successful from nothing, and everyone loves that because it’s confirmation for everyone that they can be successful too,” he said “But when you win repeatedly, the artistic community goes, ‘Goddamnit, if you don’t get out of the way how am I going to have a chance to win?’ So they go ‘[The new album] is cool, but it wasn’t as good as when he first came out.’”