5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Condo Space

March 17, 2014 Updated: March 18, 2014

How do you organize your urban home? When it comes to big-city living, more and more people are choosing to settle in condominiums. Condos are affordable, in comparison to many full-size homes, and they allow you to have the benefit of ownership, as opposed to renting. With condo options ranging from luxury living on the water, to affordable options near major city centres, condo living is on the rise, and with it, some storage solutions that make sense.

Condos offer many amenities, but you’ll need to keep your space organized to enjoy living a clutter-free condo lifestyle. Here are five ways to organize your essentials without the extra closet space.

1. Functional Furniture for Storage

When you are living in your personalized space, you can hide unsightly clutter by purchasing furniture that’s both attractive and functional. Many condo dwellers choose entertainment units that feature shelving and cupboards, ottomans that can be used to store blankets and other linens, and even beds that feature drawers to store clothing. Make the most of your space by utilizing storage-friendly furniture to make your rooms more functional.

2. Closet Storage Systems

Condos are designed with cleverly designed closets to help maximize living space, but they may not always be functional for storage on their own. Closet storage systems allow you to organize your belongings without the clutter. Inexpensive and available in a variety of different options, closet storage systems range from simplistic to complete storage overhauls, allowing you to store clothing, shoes, bedding, and more.

3. Storage in The Open

Condos are famous for being modern, clean-cut, and open-spaced. Using a lot of heavy furniture or cabinets for storage can disrupt this open concept, and can make it difficult to organize your life around your storage options. Using decorative boxes, bags, and shelving can add to your décor scheme without disrupting the clean lines of your home. Choose open storage options that are interesting, such as utilizing old crates or using wrapping paper to refresh the look of a cardboard box. These ideas can be both attractive and functional.

4. Hanging Storage

When it comes to kitchen storage, condos provide clever cupboard space that will work with pots and pans. If you’re in doubt as to how to store extra kitchen paraphernalia, consider hanging it up! Pot hooks, overhead storage options, and kitchen carts can offer additional options that allow you to have everyday items at hand while storing clunky counter items inside cupboards and drawers that may not be used often. Also, using wine racks or mug hooks can create a decorative, homey feel in an otherwise modern kitchen.

5. Use Vertical Space to Store Items

Small spaces may not offer a lot in square footage, but they do offer a lot of vertical space, which can be prime storage real estate. Built-in shelves, wall hooks, and shadow boxes can help store knick-knacks, books, coats, and more. The main goal of storage is to get clutter off the floor to create a more open-lined concept. Using decorative hooks can add whimsicality to a space, and using a variety of shelving options can frame existing furniture and create focal walls that draw the eye, especially in narrow spaces.

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