5 Ways To Increase Business Productivity as a Manager

March 4, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

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Being a manager is a difficult task no matter what industry that you are in. The fact that you are responsible for the work of others can be stressful to say the least especially if you have a superior above you with unrealistic expectations. Keeping productivity up and motivation up in the office is the biggest challenge that many managers face. There are many things that a manager can do to boost productivity in the office and keep morale up for everyone. Happy workers are generally productive workers and here are a few tips to keep productivity up in the office if you are a manager.


Readers might think that this is a crazy first way to increase productivity in the office. Marlon Nieuwenhuis, PhD, from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology in Wales says “”Our research suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.” This keeps fresh air in the office and gets rid of the perceived stuffy feeling in an office, perhaps this stuffy feeling isn’t just perceived. Many plants remove toxins in the air which can trigger chemicals in the brain to make a worker less productive. If you want to have plants in your office and don’t want to take care of them as a manager check out Gaddy’s online for indoor plant hire who can install and maintain plants ongoing.

Begin A Sleeping Program

Many managers hear from employees that they were just very tired and that is why their numbers suffered for the week. Implementing a sleep program will not only improve the quality of your employees sleep but also the quality of their life. With all of the new technology that has become available that helps a person track their sleep patterns, the tracking of sleep and overall quality is easier than ever. Granted, getting your employees to participate in this program might be difficult because it can seem invasive. Offer incentives to try the program and once your employees see the difference it makes in their life then they will continue tracking their sleep.

Get Chairs That Optimize Posture

Many companies has begun to get chairs that optimize posture as it has been found to increase morale through the chemicals in the body as well as productivity. Many startups allow people to have exercise balls to sit on in lieu of a chair so their posture improve. The exercise balls also help with fitness as it increase strength in stabilization muscles. This will also minimize the aches and pains that many people complain about when sitting for long periods of time. Encourage employees to take a short break and walk around the office to keep them alert and ready to work hard.

These are just a few ways to keep your employees motivated and staying productive. These concentrated on the quality of life for employees and is more of an improvement on life which will result in an improvement in work quality. Good luck as being a manager can be difficult but there are many things to be done to motivate yourself and others. Anybody have any other tips on increasing productivity as a manager?