5 Tips To Recharge & Keep Yourself On High Energy

Unless you live in a monastery, truth is we are constantly surrounded by noise. And, I don’t just mean auditory noise. I’m referring to the constant flow of information, never ending to do list and the ongoing wave of demands and responsibilities that make up our life on a constant basis. This noise is what slowly but surely drains our battery until we start become creatures of habit instead of living in the moment. So, given that you can’t completely change the way in which you interact with life’s demands, how do you keep yourself on high energy and avoid becoming an automated robot?

When Was The Last Time You Were Surrounded By Nature? There is a reason that Walt Whitman enjoyed frolicking naked in fields of grass (other than him being a nudist).  Throughout his poetry, Whitman was constantly referring to the all-powerful Mother Nature as a force. And, a force indeed it is. The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a series of studies demonstrating that being outside in nature made people feel more alive and gave them an increased sense of vitality and energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a city person or not, in the end nature is fuel for all humans. Consider planning a weekend or day trip to a nearby country region.

Food For The Soul.  It’s been countlessly recited that eating the right food is the anchor point for a healthy mind, body and spirit. As the Romans used to say mens sana in corpore sano which translates to “a sound mind is a sound body.”  This, hopefully, is not new information for you. But, here is something that might be: coffee isn’t actually helping you stay energized. It tricks your system into feeling more energized but is often followed by a crash and/or pollutes your system. Instead, try cutting back on caffeine and loading up on water (the purest way of removing toxins from your body and revitalizing it). Oh, and yes, please eat your veggies.

Arts & Crafts, anyone?  Now, I know that arts & crafts have been labeled as childish but whoever decided that was simply a bully who was really bad at art. Not only is art used in forms of therapy (check our Art Therapy and Soul Collage) but it has proven to create lasting changes in the chemistry of the brain. Arts & crafts allow us to express unconscious feeling or emotions that otherwise can block us and hinder our energy. No need to break out the 20-piece coloring set just yet. Start small by doodling for 20 minutes and see the way it impacts your energy levels.

Get Sweaty. There is nothing like a healthy dose of serotonin to get your energy levels soaring. Now, I know thinking about going to the gym and actually going can seem like worlds apart but the beautiful part of being in a technological world is its convenience. Consider ditching your gym membership if you find yourself rarely going and instead turn to free exercise programs you can do in your home often without any equipment. 

How do you keep your energy level high all day long? Tell us below or email us at info@popcornprod.com