5 Reasons to Rent a Villa Instead of a Hotel for Your Next Vacation

December 24, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

When you go on vacation to another country you don’t want to stay in a normal stereotypical boring hotel. You want to seek out a living experience that is going to match the uniqueness of the location you’re vacationing at. There are many different options other than hotels to stay in while you’re on either a short or extended vacation, from apartments to rental homes to something even a little more unique—a villa. Here are a few reasons to rent Villas in Ibiza instead of a hotel.

The Home Away from Home Experience

When you rent a villa you get an experience that you can’t get from staying in a nightly hotel. With hotels, you don’t usually have a kitchen or home-like amenities, and everything has a very sterilized sort of feel to it during your stay. With a villa, you are actually staying in a furnished home, which makes it feel like you are still in your own home rather than in a hotel. It helps you also adjust to the unique culture, and gives you one less odd thing to have to deal with while you’re enjoying the other aspects of the country.

They Embrace Culture

One thing is for certain, historically villas are considered very cultural. These homes were typically owned by the wealthiest and most well-off people in the city, and so the culture that they hold is generally pretty heavy. These buildings are not really found in every country, so by staying in one you get an experience that a lot of other people never will get. Staying in a villa gives you a unique perspective, an opportunity to see how the rich live, and a way to embrace the culture of the area you are staying in.

It Offers a Lot of Space

Hands down, you will be getting a whole lot more space to stay in than you will get if you stay in a hotel. Most hotel rooms on average are designed to house only about two to 6 people at the very most while villas are basically an entire, pretty large home. When you have a large family or a lot of friends who are going to be coming on vacation with you, it goes without saying that a villa is more than likely the best option.

Not only are villas bigger, but they are made up of multiple rooms which definitely mean more beds. If there happen to not be enough beds to accommodate your large party, there is plenty of floor space to lay down an air mattress as well as a high likelihood of having a couch. You can bring more people on vacation this way.

It is Sometimes Cheaper

On top of having at least four times as much room as the typical hotel room, the prices are generally about the same as a higher star hotel. The more expensive rooms designed to house more people in a hotel basically run about the same price as a villa rental per night when coming from a more pristine hotel. This is not only saving you money when trying to accommodate a large crowd, but you end up getting a lot more bang for your buck.

There Are More Amenities

As if there were not already a lot of advantages, it is important to note that villas have a much longer list of amenities included in their base price. When you stay at hotel you typically only get basic cable, included breakfast, a pool and unlimited Wi-Fi. With a villa, you get all of this and more, often including a DVD player, a washing machine, a kitchen, a fireplace, private parking, a dishwasher, a charcoal grill, a private pool and oftentimes a beautiful view.

It is clear that villas are the route to go while you’re on a unique vacation instead of staying in a boring hotel. Hotels can be drab and overpriced, but villas contain a lot of amazing cultural experience and excitement to experience during your stay. Not only do they house more people, but they also offer a unique home away from home experience unlike any other. If you are going on vacation to another country, take these benefits into consideration and think about renting a foreign villa instead of a hotel.