5 People Arrested in Connection With Chemical Bomb Thrown at Officer, Resident

By Margaret Wollensak, The Epoch Times
April 12, 2019 Updated: April 12, 2019

Five people were arrested in connection with a chemical bomb thrown at a police officer and a resident in Arvada, Colorado on April 6th.

“Multiple arrests have been made reference the chemical device used against law enforcement and a citizen,” Arvada police tweeted the day after the incident. “We want to thank our amazing community for the outpouring of support we received.”

Within 24 hours of the attack, Maxwell McCann, 18; Braiden Ulmer, 19; Isaac Koch, 19; Gavin Dawson, 19; and an unnamed juvenile were arrested, reported 9News. They face charges of:

  • first-degree assault,
  • criminal attempt of second-degree assault,
  • two counts of possession, use, or removal of explosives or incendiary devices,
  • conspiracy to commit possession, use, or removal of explosives or incendiary devices

According to the arrest affidavit, a crumpled Walmart receipt found near the scene led them to the suspects, 9News reported. Two Arvada detectives found the receipt, which led them to a surveillance video showing the suspects buying bottled water, chlorine treatment for swimming pools, brake fluid, and plastic wrap.

The affidavit says the suspects were seen leaving in a silver Volkswagen, and four of them were in the same vehicle when it was pulled over shortly after the crime, KDVR reported. Police had set up a perimeter around the scene, temporarily stopping them to take a picture of their drivers’ licenses before initially letting them go.

The teens are due in court on Friday.

The Initial 911 Call

The officer involved in the attack had been called to an intersection where traffic signs, including a stop sign, had been removed and placed in the street, Arvada Police Chief Link Strate explained in a video. A citizen had stopped and called the police to report the hazard.

“There had been a bunch of street signs dislodged and set up as a barricade across the road here on Beech street,” said Dominic Battista, who called 9-1-1 to report the signs, according to KDVR. Battista stayed to help pick up the signs when someone started throwing what he described as “smoke bombs.”

Strate said that when the officer arrived at the scene, a chemical bomb was thrown at him, injuring him and the citizen.

According to the arrest affidavit, the officer heard someone yell a profanity and saw them run through a nearby yard, and out of the corner of his eye he saw a plastic bottle being thrown in his direction, 9News reported.

“The bottle started shrieking and releasing ‘a ton’ of white colored smoke,” the affidavit states.

Both the officer and caller reported smelling chlorine. The officer ultimately fell unconscious and had to be transported to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with chlorine gas exposure. The citizen was treated at the scene and released.

Strate said the officer has since been released from the hospital and was recovering at home. He also said he appreciated the support of the community and law enforcement partners in handling the matter.

“We know that this attack on one of our officers is not representative of our community,” Strate said. “We appreciate the support of our community and take their safety, and our officer’s safety, very seriously. The men and women of the Arvada police department worked diligently around the clock until those responsible were identified, located, and taken into custody, preventing further risks in this community.”

The affidavit states that officers investigating the scene also found additional water bottles at the scene.

Police said they were able to identify the chemical with the help of other agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, but are not releasing the components to avoid a repeat incident, according to Denver7.