5 of the Best Third Party Facebook Apps for Android

October 21, 2014 Updated: October 21, 2014

While the official Facebook app for Android has all the things you need to access/manage your account, it can be a resource-hog and take up a lot of memory. In addition, it requires a ton of permissions from your device and can effectively track everything you do on your phone.

Luckily, there are several third-party Facebook apps that don’t require every single permission on your phone and/or cause your phone to freeze.

1. Fast for Facebook

If you are one of those users who still use an old Android device, you should definitely give Fast for Facebook a try. The app claims to be working faster even on older devices and lets you manage your account right off your device.

It enables you to enhance your Facebook experience by customizing the user-panel, optional security PIN for enhanced protection, and so on. What’s interesting about this app is it lets you watch YouTube and Facebook videos from within the app. You do not have to go to a third-party website, such as YouTube, to watch a video.

The app also allows downloading content from your profile to your device, in case you want to have a backup on your device. It does not cost a penny and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

2. Flipster for Facebook

Ever wanted to spice up your Facebook experience a little bit? Give Flipster for Facebook a shot. It is a lightweight app that lets you access your account without going through the hassle of a number of loading screens. Once in, you will be able to view your newsfeed, view pictures, download picture albums, and do all the regular things you do with your account.

What distinguishes this app from the others is the number of beautiful themes it offers to the users. You can choose from 18 themes, 30 fonts, and 6 font sizes to make your Facebook experience the way you want.

The app is available free of cost at the Google Play store.

3. Friendcaster

Do you hold multiple Facebook accounts and want an app that can handle this for you? FriendCaster is an app you need. With support for multiple accounts, the app offers over six beautiful themes, high resolution photo viewing, easy notifications handling, and so on. It lets you save your favorite posts for later viewing.

It works seamlessly with your contacts app by keeping your Facebook contacts’ details up to date using your Facebook account.

The app is available for free at the Google Play store.

4. Minimal News for Facebook App

If you are a big believer of the saying “Less is Good,” then you will like Minimal News for Facebook App for sure. It minimizes the content that you see in your newsfeed so that there is no clutter, and you will only see the content you are interested in.

What’s more, it works even when your network signal is weak so that you stay connected with your loved ones even in the tough times.

You can get the app for free at the Google Play store.

5. Tinfoil for Facebook

Unlike the apps mentioned above, Tinfoil for Facebook is not a fully featured app. Instead, it is a wrapper that lets you browse Facebook without letting others track what you have been doing in your account.

It is just you who knows what has been done in your account, and the next user who uses your phone simply will not be able to trace anything you did during your session. You would better understand it if I called it Sandbox for Facebook.

It is available at the Google Play store at no cost.

As time passes by, we all get bored using the official Facebook app for years. It is time you change your app to enhance your experience, and that is what these apps are for. Give all of them a shot and you will know how great they are for yourself.

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