5 Industries Where Linear Actuators Can Be Used

January 5, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

A linear actuator is a device that is used to covert different types of motion into linear motion and this why it has wide range of applications in many industries. The following are 5 examples of industries where linear actuators can be used.




Agricultural Industry

            Linear actuators can be used in quite a number of agricultural machines like the combine harvesters, bunker self-dischargeable, seeding machines and fertilizer spreaders. They are used as main motor accelerators and in adjusting different forms of motion. The device has numerous uses when it comes to combine harvesters because it can be used to spread straw, open the grain discharge door, at the same time adjust fan revolutions.


The Construction Industry

Linear actuators are also widely used in construction machines to adjust heights, open doors and stop the main motor.


Healthcare Industry

             Linear actuators can be used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to perform quite number of functions. The device can be used to adjust hospital working tables, dental chairs, gynecological tables and stretchers. They can also be used to regulate wheelchairs and hospital beds.


Manufacturing Industry

According to electric actuators shop, manufacturing industries that want to venture into automation can use linear actuators in their automatic systems. Most automatic systems use linear actuators to control machinery, push products and even lift products. Linear actuators are in most cases used to construct robots. Precision machine control can be provided by piezoelectric actuators.


Marine Industry

            Linear actuators have quite a number of uses in the marine industry and some of them include tilting cabins, adjusting spoilers, regulating valves, adjusting TV antennas, lifting tables and adjusting helms.