5 Great Apps to Watch Videos Online With Friends in Real Time

Do you want to watch videos online with friends in real time? Most people probably already know that it's possible to watch videos together with friends via the popular Google Hangouts application
October 26, 2014 Updated: October 26, 2014

Do you want to watch videos online with friends in real time? Most people probably already know that it’s possible to watch videos together with friends via the popular Google Hangouts application, but there are other applications that exist for this purpose that come with more features than Google Hangouts. Let’s check them out.

1. Watch2gether

With Watch2gether, watching videos online with friends in real time is fairly straightforward. There is no registration required. All you need is a temporary nickname.

To get started, simply click the “Create a Room” button at its home page. Type in your temporary nickname, and it will bring you to a video (and chat) room where you can start to add friends and start chatting away. You have the option to either invite your own friends to a room that you created or join a room that is already in operation and become a part of the viewing party and conversation.

The nice part about Watch2gether is that you have the choice to select or search video sources from either YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or audio from SoundCloud.

2. InstaSynch

You may watch videos online with friends from YouTube and Vimeo video sources on InstaSynch. This only includes the free films, of course, but it includes many full-length films, some of which include feature films that were released in theatres fairly recently.

It is also possible to set up entire playlists to watch together with friends on InstaSynch.

If you opt to register and list your virtual “room” as public, then it will be listed on the website’s homepage, and other viewers can join your room and watch the same video as you in real time. You may still enjoy watching videos and chatting in other public “rooms” even if you do not register. All you need is just a temporary nickname.

3. TogetherTube

Watching videos on TogetherTube is quite a modern, unique, and interesting experience, to say the least. Perhaps what makes this social viewing experience so singular, is the Democratic method by which the proposed video is chosen by the group of friends.

Every person in the virtual “room” has a say in the choice of video to be watched.

How this works is that every person in the the “room” suggests a video via chat. A vote then ensues based on these suggestions. The video receiving a majority of “Yes” votes of course wins, and this is the video that is then watched in the virtual “room.”

Here again, no registration is necessary, but users may register if they wish. Friends may watch videos from YouTube together online for free on TogetherTube. You may also join public rooms that are already in progress with a temporary nickname.

4. Sync Video

If privacy is what you’re after, Sync Video is the one for you. Sync Video was certainly created with a bit more privacy in mind, as it allows you to watch videos online with friends for free. Here, a temporary nickname is not allowed. Registering for this free service is a requirement.

The up-side of this is that once registered, you are gifted with your own private, permanent virtual “room.” You may return to this room each time you want to use the service and invite friends to watch videos online with you.

Vimeo and YouTube videos may be added and saved to playlists and watched by you and your friends in your virtual “room” at any time. You may also create new rooms or create a new nickname at any time.

This negates the issue of the omnipresent Internet “trolls” that could potentially venture into your virtual space, intruding on the privacy of you and your personal friends.

You may invite your friends to your “room” at any given time by clicking “invite” on the upper right hand side of the page. You do have the option to make your “room” public, if you so choose, although most do not choose this option with Sync Video.

Additional options are to install Chrome or Firefox browser extensions to extend the functionality of this service.

5. MyCircleTV

This one is big in that it incorporates VoIP capabilities. MyCircleTV brings to the forefront the key feature of free voice chat while watching videos online with friends. Many people crave and seek this as a characteristic when choosing the next big thing in telecommunications services, especially when it’s a no-cost solution.

MyCircleTV allows groups of friends to enjoy hours upon hours of free voice chatting while watching videos online with friends. Friends may be invited via a variety of ways, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email.

There is no registration requirement on MyCircleTV, but once registered, you’ll be up-and-running, watching free videos online with friends.

Videos from DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube may be shared in these voice chats. As an added bonus, 5GB of video may be uploaded to a custom user space in the following video formats: .mp4 (h264, AVC or MPEG4-PART10 for the video AAC for the audio) and .flv.

There are some differences between having a registered and a non-registered account, including the following:

  • 5GB space for video uploads to myCloud storage
  • User profile
  • History of invitations


With the advancements in technology, it is just so easy to do everything and anything on the Internet. These apps show how you can easily watch videos online with friends in real time for free.

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