5 Essential Chinese Phrases

By Ben Hedges, NTDTV
May 3, 2016 Updated: May 3, 2016

What are the 5 most important phrases to learn in order to get by in any foreign language? Hello? How are you? Where’s the bathroom? Here are 5 phrases in Mandarin Chinese that will help you get through a trip to China or Taiwan. Check out the video for a full explanation.


1) 在哪兒? Zài nǎ’er? Where is……?

2) 多少錢 Duō shǎo qián How much (money)? How much does it cost?

3) 寫下來 Xiě xià lái write it down

4) 你們有沒有?Nǐmen yǒu méi yǒu? Do you have? (For use in a store or resturant)

5) 買單 Mǎi dān Check please