5 Deaths Caused by CCP Virus Inside Chinese Hospital

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June 12, 2020Updated: June 12, 2020

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Three patients from northeast China spoke to the Chinese language Epoch Times about their experience after contracting the CCP virus at the Harbin No. 2 Hospital from April 2 to April 6.

They weren’t infected with the CCP virus when they went to the hospital, but all of them contracted the virus inside the facility while taking care of their spouses who were being treated there for non-virus related diseases. The Epoch Times obtained an internal document that revealed that the transmission chain started from an 87-year-old patient surnamed Chen. So far, the outbreak caused five deaths, including Chen’s.

Li Ping and her husband are both in their late 50s. Li’s husband had chronic illnesses and had been taking medicines at home for months while trying to stay away from hospitals to avoid becoming infected with the CCP virus. On March 29, he felt very sick and was sent to the hospital by ambulance. Doctors had estimated that he would have a couple of months to live, but on April 8, he suddenly died.

Zhang’s husband was afflicted with ascites. On April 9, the doctor said her husband recovered very well and could be discharged in two days. However, her husband started to develop a fever on the evening of April 10. Now the couple is both infected and is currently receiving treatment.

Zhou Yang’s wife Duan has been receiving treatment at Harbin No. 2 Hospital for dementia since March 28.

Zhou: On the evening of April 11, they performed nucleic acid tests on my wife and me, as well as other patients. They were wearing protective suits. I didn’t know what had happened. We were told the next morning that my wife’s test result came out positive. My result was negative at the time. But I was diagnosed several days later.”

Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang authorities announced zero new deaths from the CCP virus in the province since February 27.

The interview was conducted on May 28 by Han Lu of the Chinese-language Epoch Times.