5 Cheap Corporate Gifts That Will Stick in Front of Your Clients’ Eyes for Years

March 27, 2015 Updated: June 6, 2016

The most valuable corporate gifts are items that the recipient will keep and use regularly. These products are a fantastic way to create a positive brand association, as you’ve provided something useful. They’re also a way to keep your company’s name in the client’s mind, so when they need your services, they’ll remember that you’re the ones to call. Here are the top five great value corporate gifts according to APPA, the Australian Promotional Products Association:

1. Branded Stress Items

Work can be stressful for high-flying clients, so an anti-stress item, such as a stress ball, makes a great corporate gift. A stress relief product is a light-hearted yet genuinely useful gift, and it can be a fun talking point if the client keeps it in their office. This means the product will help spread the word about your company not just to the gift’s recipient, but also their colleagues and business associates. Plus, there is room to show a bit of creativity as there are many different shapes and designs available, with themes such as sports, transport and animals.

2. Promotional Photo Frames

A photo frame is a lovely corporate gift because everyone likes to keep a photo of their loved ones in their office. By giving your client a photo frame, you give them the chance to create an association between your brand and people who are special to them. Photo frames tend to take pride of place in an office and again, they are frequently used as talking points during meetings. You can choose the design and colour theme of the photo frame to tie in with your firm’s branding.

3. Business Desk Accessories

If you want to make sure that your promotional product is seen and used every day by your client, we recommend a business desk accessory, such as a pen cup or desk clock. These are very useful items that are always kept in view. They’re also quite original ideas, which means the client is less likely to already have received the same gift from other companies. Originality and uniqueness is key when choosing promotional products.

4. Branded House & Homeware Items

One way to really reach a client’s heart is to give them a product for the home. This means the product will be used when they’re more relaxed, not thinking about work, which creates a positive association. It may also be used by their family and friends, which helps spread the word about your brand. Some of the popular house and homeware items that can be used as a valuable corporate gifts include BBQ aprons and tea towels.

5. Promo Hand Sanitisers

Here’s a product that might not be fun or amusing, but it’s very useful, and the client will thank you every time they use it. Hand sanitisers are popular in offices as business people often have to shake hands with lots of different people each day, and they help prevent illness and germs spreading. The workplace is a prime breeding ground for germs, so hand sanitisers always come in handy!