5 Best Apps For Dentists

December 11, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Apps are something that are also making their way to our dentist offices. When it is said that there is an app for nearly everything, dentistry is no different. These do not take the place of the treatments that you will get while at the dentist but many of these apps can improve the quality of care you receive when you get there. This will highlight the best apps to have if you are a dentist or a dental hygienist.

ePocrates Rx 

This app would be very handy for many professions in the medical field as well as dentists. This app includes a drug interaction checker which keeps everything in order and everybody safe. This app also includes helps with the diagnoses of diseases with images included. The app is much like an all-inclusive medical almanac, it also even has dosage information for children and adults when it comes to prescription drugs.

Lexi-Dental Complete

This is a resource that only concentrates on the dental resource side of things. This gives information on drugs that can be prescribed and what their effects are on the patient. This also have an index of dental procedures and conditions, they have color images to go with each of these as well. If your dental office needs an emergency handbook then this app has this as well!


Educating your patients can become a hassle to say the least, as a dentist there are terms and explanations that you would understand that your common patient would not. Dcstory helps you translate the more complicated things to explain to your patients in more simple terms. This uses 3D images to help in the explanations, you can add X-rays and photos in your explanations as well.


Mydentist helps with patient communication is an immense way. While using this app your patients can send you texts and images so you can advise them. Be careful though, setting boundaries with your patients is important so you are not receiving messages throughout every night. You can also set appointments with patients via this app which can act like a secretary and patient service rep all at once.

Dental Manager

The Dental Manager app is great for dentists who are just starting out. This app helps you manage costs and set up treatment plans for each individual patient. For somebody with a practice just starting out this app is great to minimize costs.

Dental Phobia

This is for a dentist to send to their patients who have fears about the dentist. This gives advice on how they should face their fears and tricks to help cope with the fears. Getting this into a patient’s hands before their visit is a great way to make the visit go smoothly!

As you can see, dentists are not alone and have apps that can help them with everyday life. Make sure that you are seeing a dentist with the highest qualifications like Mark C Marchbanks DDS. Have a great next trip to the dentist’s office!