4chan Targeting Tumblr Fandoms With Suicide Prank for New Year’s Day–Apparently

December 31, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2015

Alleged users on 4chan and 8chan–anonymous imageboards–are apparently issuing “targets” for Tumblr users en masse as part of a coordinated attack. However, it’s unclear if 4chan or 8chan users are actually involved in the whole thing, and some users are claimingg there’s something planned for Jan. 1. As a result, the “Stop 4chan” term is going around Twitter and Tumblr.

The attack entails spreading screenshots of fans of different groups killing themselves after being “targeted” by 4chan users. But the suicides appear to just be hoaxes.

According to BuzzFeed, after hacking the Tumblr users, the trolls claimed they’re going to post self-harm and gore photos  social justice and fandom Tumblr tags. The moves are intended to pressure users into committing suicide, it’s being claimed.

And what is 4chan? It’s an anonymous imageboard that has millions of users with a disparate number of sections–ranging from sports, video games, anime, music, and the most notorious and popular board–the random, or /b/, section.

Some users on Twitter and Tumblr apparently thought 4chan is a single person–but that’s not accurate in the least. It’s a large website with numerous users. The best thing it can be compared with is Reddit.

A blogger told BuzzFeed that she was “targeted” on Omegle.

“You go on Omegle and, if they believe you’re an ‘anon,’ they give you a name, a website, and a list of weaknesses for that person,” the blogger told the site. “It’s creepily strategic.”

Some users on Twitter and Instagram also claimed their accounts were hacked.


But on 4chan’s /b/ section, there were a few threads about the targetings, and users were just as confused.

“Some idiots on Instagram and Twitter made this whole thing up with ‘spies’ and ‘targets’ and think we’re doing it. also they think 4chan is a group or something,” wrote one user.

“I thought it was all a troll,” added another. “Like we pretend we have something huge planned to keep the SJW’s (social justice warriors) on edge for newyears.”

The groups that are being targeted apparently are fans of the CW show Supernatural. “My heart goes out to those #SPN fans being harassed on Tumblr. Stay strong, many are here for you. #HuntersDontSupportBullying,” wrote star Felicia Day on Twitter, per BuzzFeed.

Added the show’s Misha Collins, “If rumors of what’s happening in fandom are true, that sucks. We might not be able to stop hatred, but we can try to stop listening to it.”

There also are rumors of a large-scale hack on Jan. 1, with references to a person named “Vince.” “Apparently there’s going to be a 4chan attack New Years Day. if I “post” anything disturbing (e.i gore, rape, etc.) know I’ve been hacked,” wrote one Tumblr user.