452,000 Smoke Alarms Sold in US Recalled Over Defect

March 22, 2018 Updated: March 22, 2018

Almost half a million smoke alarms have been recalled due to a defect that could cause the alarms not to go off even if there’s a fire.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on Wednesday, saying there is a “risk of failure to alert consumers to a fire.”

About 452,000 units, manufactured in China, were sold in the United States with an additional 40,000 sold in Canada.

“A yellow cap left on during the manufacturing process can cover one of the two smoke sensors and compromise the smoke alarm’s ability to detect smoke, posing a risk of consumers not being alerted to a fire in their home,” the commission stated.

“Kidde” is printed on the front center of the smoke alarms that are being recalled and the model numbers are printed on the back of the alarm.

“Consumers should remove the alarm from the wall/ceiling and visually inspect it through the opening on the side of the alarm for the presence of a yellow cap. Consumers should not attempt to take apart the alarm, open the casing, or otherwise remove the yellow cap themselves,” the commission said.

“If a yellow cap is present, the consumer should immediately contact Kidde to receive instructions and request a free replacement smoke alarm. They should remove and discard the recalled smoke alarm only after they receive and install the replacement alarm. If no yellow cap is present, consumers should reinstall the smoke alarm and no further action is needed.”

The dual-sensor alarms are manufactured by Kidde and are listed as models PI2010 and PI9010. The models were manufactured from Sept. 2016 through Oct. 2017 and sold from Sept. 2016 through Jan. 2018 for $20 to $40.

The PI2010 model is hardwired and AC while the PI9010 is battery powered and DC.

The manufacturer is listed as Fyrnetics Limited of Hong Kong, China.

Walter Kidde Portable Equiment Company Inc. of Mebane, North Carolina imported the units.

They were sold at Menards, The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon.com, ShopKidde.com, and other department, home, and hardware stores nationwide as well as other websites.

For a free replacement, contact Kidde through the company website or call 833-551-7739.

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