$4 Million for 30 Seconds, but Worth Every Penny: 2014 Super Bowl Ads (+Watch Teasers)

By Gidon Belmaker, Epoch Times
January 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Super Bowl ads are almost as much a part of the Super Bowl as the game itself. Ads by big brands are teased, and circulated, and discussed, and dissected much before the game and after it. 

That’s why companies pour all that money into a 30-second slot. It obviously works!  That, or  the advertising industry is like a pack of rabid dogs, madly following the pack, driving prices up.  The average rate for a 30-second ad in the big game has increased by more than 70 percent over the past decade, reaching $4 million in 2013. But hey, it’s fun. It makes us laugh. So let’s all take a few minutes to indulge in this gluttonous game.  

Top brands that bought Super Bowl ad spots this year include Bud Light, Doritos, Soda Stream, Pepsi, Danon, and Axe. A few new movies are also expected to shine.  Here are just a handful of ads and trailers to give you a taste of what is coming. 

1. SodaStream Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl Ad 2014

Business Insider reported Tuesday that this ad was rejected by Fox because the Israeli soda company’s ad takes a swipe at Coke and Pepsi—long-time Super Bowl advertisers. 

2. Bud Light “Don”

3. Pepsi – There Since the First #Halftime

4. Doritos “Finger Cleaner”  – 2014 Crush the Super Bowl Finalist

5.  AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War