4-Inch Lock John Lennon’s Hair Sells for $35,000 at Auction

February 20, 2016 Updated: February 21, 2016

A 4-inch lock of John Lennon’s hair sold for $35,000 at an auction, according to reports on Saturday.

The nearly 50-year-old lock of The Beatles star’s hair was announced by Texas-based Heritage Auctions. It said Paul Fraser, an entertainment memorabilia collector, bought Lennon’s lock.

“This is the largest lock of John Lennon’s hair ever offered at auction,” said Garry Shrum, director of music memorabilia at Heritage, according to CNN.

“And this world-record price is a lasting testament to the world’s more than 50-year love affair and fascination with Lennon and the Beatles.”

The lock was cut off when Lennon acted in the role of Private Gripweed in “How I Won the War,” a comedy about a British army troop. Lennon’s long hair was cut for the role in 1966.

“Baruck was so excited about the opportunity to transform Lennon’s famous Beatles mop top that he called the local newspaper to record the event,” Eric Bradely, who is a spokesperson for Heritage Auctions, told CNN.

Lennon memorabilia items tend to fetch a pretty penny, as TMZ notes.

His ’65 Rolls Royce Phantom V sold for $2.23 million and the lyrics to “All You Need is Love” netted $1.25 million.