3 Winning Strategies to Use for Content Creation

You understand it when you have read it.

It is video, that site post, article, or language that shifts you.

We have all experienced content in this way. But do we understand the best way to create it? That is the question. Because creating content that is exceptional is what it is about.

I think that content that is exceptional requires a three-step journey.

1. The content journey begins with the eyes.

“Beginning with the eyes” means beginning with design.

Your reader sees the general display of your advice before they read one word.

A guarantee is made by great layout. It says “I am on your side, and I have got your best interests at heart. The advice here is not difficult to read, and it could be trusted. Carry On with confidence.”

Your readers will move onto another part of the journey, and they will start to read, if you get your design right.

The journey will finish there, if you get it wrong. They’ll turn the page, or snap away.

So focus on the eyes.

According to Scott Langdon, Managing Partner at SEO Firm HigherVisibility.com, “Use a high quality layout to convince your readers to spend time with your content, and to encourage them to share it.”

2. Afterward it goes right to the head

The second stage of the journey entails the content itself: the information you are presenting.

Only at that stage in the journey, everything you know about crafting content that is powerful should come into play.

Blue Fountain Media’s Chief Content Officer John Gelberg’s post, ‘The Case for Content Marketing (Free, and Right Here), is an excellent spot to begin reviewing everything you should know. 

Spend time focusing on a headline that attracts your reader in like a bee to honey. Compose subheads that direct your reader through your text. Break up your copy.

Pull out significant parts of your advice and use block quotes to highlight them. Include pictures that enhance the significance of your words and engage the audience.

And that is the midway point in your content creation strategy.

Next stop? The heart.

3. The content that is most remarkable presents advice in ways that reaches emotions.

Your content will go directly to the heart, to your brain, in the eyes, when you include narratives that knit encounters we have all had.

We have all felt insecure from time to time. And we have all had the expertience of reaching a long term target and working hard.

Engage their heads. Solid content, powerful headlines, and subheads will hold their interest.

Focus on their eyes. Use everything you know about layout to encourage your reader to connect to your content.

For content that is really exceptional, include common individual experiences that can reach your reader and make them recall what they have read, and would like to share it.

Featured image credit: copyblogger.com