3 Ways To Lose Weight Without It Dominating Your Life

Weight loss is something that millions of people in the United States. There are so many different trains of thought as far as the perfect weight and body composition goes. Everybody’s weight loss journey is much different because of the end goal or goals. Athletes who are losing weight or gaining weight for performance will go about this very differently than a housewife who just wants to get back to the body she had before having a couple of kids. Here are the ways that I have found true to lose the weight you want to in a manageable and safe way.


Swimming is great anaerobic activity and everyone has heard about the Michael Phelps diet. It isn’t recommended to eat ten thousand calories but you get the point, many people who use swimming can get and stay fit while eating an absurd amount. Swimming is a full body workout and the fact that you cannot breathe the entire time drives up the heart rate. This increased heart rate helps burn off the pounds quickly while working out the entire body. The fact that swimming is so low impact on the joints means that swimming can be done multiple times in the week without risk of injury regardless of your starting weight.

Active Lifestyle

Tricking yourself into losing weight is a great way of getting around the mental block that dieting or working out may bring. There are certain running and biking groups that stop at pubs after certain distances. Groups like this can bring a sense of community and you can have fun while staying active. Adult softball leagues are a great way to meet people while having a blast with friends. The same goes for adult kickball leagues which lend themselves to fun and a bit of beer on occasion. Rather than spend a weekend in front of the TV watching football and eating, go out and have fun with your friends doing a physical activity.


The supplement industry brings in over a billion dollar of revenue yearly. There are many placebos that do not work but yield results just because the user is working out more often than they did in the past. That being said there are many creams and intravenous vitamin treatments that work great. Making sure that the supplements you use are in line with your goals is very important as well. Thermogenics are a great way to lose weight if they have been well researched. Using these supplements should be dependent on your health and you should only take these supplements if you have no risk factors.

As you can see, weight loss can be a difficult thing to master. I believe these are the easiest ways to lose weight and to help trick yourself into losing weight. These are all sustainable methods of losing weight though. So good luck with your journey, weight loss can be a very rewarding thing to do especially if you keep the way off. What are some ways that you think help in losing weight? Comment below!