3 Quick Tips on Why You Should Hustle in February

February 13, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016


If you’ve found yourself running from meeting to meeting, forgetting to eat lunch and falling behind on emails, don’t be alarmed. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, February is one of the busiest meeting months of the year. So gear up and get ready. Below 5 tips on why you should hustle like crazy this month.


Marketing 101. Did you make a marketing calendar for your business this year? If you haven’t yet then this is a good time to start. Determine which quarters you will be focusing on marketing, sales, management or other Business development. You always need to be doing all four of these but one should take dominance over the others. Quarter 1 is the perfect time to be marketing like crazy and create sales opportunities. This will lead you to have very strong sales in Quarter 2.


For Every Action There Is A Reaction. Hustling in February will not only create more momentum for your next quarter but also create unlimited possibilities in terms of new clients, JVs, sponsorships and strategic alliances etc.  The more you hustle and bustle the more momentum and movement you will be creating which will have more people aware of your business and it’s benefits. This kind of action ALWAYS has a reaction, sometimes in ways you never imagined.


It Takes 90 Days to See Any Marketing Effort Pay Off. Did you know that? It kind of makes you think twice about all the campaigns you might have tried briefly and given up on. Keep your chin high and continue moving forward! Start your marketing strategy now and leverage it to sync with a promotion, sales initiative or event 90 days from now. This will not only build your client list, leads and potential sales but also give you a goal to work towards. Does a client need more convincing before investing? Send them a link to your promotion or event.


But, as you start booking meetings and connecting with potential partners or clients don’t forget that February only has 28 days to it which means your time is limited! Make sure you leverage your time as wisely as possible –book only meetings you know will help your business, keep a detailed marketing calendar for next steps, create an action sheet to keep you focuses and say goodbye to extra long meetings.