3 Limca Book Records Taking a Step in the Green Direction

January 8, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, I think most of us realize that it’s going to be our children who will soon be dealing with a deteriorating earth. Most people tend to think they’ve got to go all in or nothing when it comes to living green and taking action to help turn things around. But seriously, if each of us just did one thing differently each day, it would all add up… Whether that’s turning the faucet off while brushing teeth, reusing water bottles instead of tossing them in the trash (have you SEEN this creative, awesome way to use your water bottles to grow tomatoes?) or recycling cardboard… doesn’t matter.

Here are three cool Limca Book Records that have made a move in the right direction…

Cochin International Airport – First One in India to Go Solar

The airport, located in Nedumbassery, was the first airport to make the move to solar. They now use solar to power their utility grid system. The 100 kWp facility was installed by Vikram Solar in March of 2013. 400 poly crystalline silicon panels, powered by DC electric power, is sent to inverters and transformed magically into AC voltage that’s entirely grid-compliant. From there, it’s sent to the utility grid system. Most of the power is used to run their air conditioning. Apparently, they plan on building yet another solar power unit that will be able to produce 1 MW.

Energy Saving Competition Saves Over 4,000 Units of Electricity

The Best Energy Saver Competition, ran by K Madhu Babu and Green Energy Solutions, included nearly 200 children participants. The result? These children were able to save over 4,000 units of power in their homes.

Breaking the Record for Automobile Mileage

While style, comfort and features are all important factors when buying a car, a lot of people are looking at what kind mileage they can get above all else. If it gets crappy mileage, then all the luxurious features in the world might not matter. The Gaadi.com team took it upon themselves to challenge one of India’s popular car models to see if they could break the record. They succeeded.

To break the record, Limca would look at the mileage they’re able to get compared to what the manufacturer claims the car gets. The car they chose was the Renault Scala and the manufacturer claimed that it gets 21.64 km/l. In their test, they traveled 62.28 km and used merely 1.15 liters of fuel. That means they were able to get 54.15 km/l. That’s over 250 percent more than the manufacturer claims.

Low Cost Eco-Friendly Huts

Tata Power developed designs that allow the construction of self-powered, carbon-neutral eco-huts in Walwhan Garden in Lonavala, Maharashtra. They’re constructed with a minimum of water or cement and use a variety of eco-friendly materials. Solar photo-voltaic panels provide the power, along with windmills. Irrigation sprinklers, low water-usage toilets and underground refrigerators that require no energy, solar cookers, solar water heaters and the ability to gather all the water you need from rainwater make these truly amazing little huts that are very affordable. Plus, they don’t take long to build. They take merely 20 days or so to complete from start to finish.

Image Chris Potter @ Flickr