3 Insightful Technologies Helpful for Realtors

January 21, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

When you hear realtor and technology in the same sentence, the first thing that probably comes to mind is listings management or 360 degree views of those listings. But really, there’s a whole lot more out there, from helping clients understand what they’re looking for even when they aren’t sure to complete client insight in one easy to use place. Here are just three…

Curb Call – Being Available When the Time is Right

Curb Call is an exciting app that connects realtors with potential buyers right at the perfect time. Buyers looking in the area for a home will typically start by searching online. If they find a couple that look like something they might be interested, they’ll likely drive by, check out the area and get a glimpse of the house. But in order to get a real showing, they’ll probably have to wait for days. They’ll have to get in touch with the realtor. Then they’ll have to make the appointment to meet them at a time when they’re both available.

When a buyer makes that call to try to get an appointment to see the house… that’s when you want to be showing it. That’s when their excitement is soaring high. But what can you do? You can’t be available to everyone all the time. And when you are available, potential buyers in the area may never know it. Curb Call fixes that.

Just open up the app, select your status as “available for showings”. Now when a potential buyer sees a house they wanna see, they open the app and can instantly see who’s available to come show them the house.

DoorSteps Swipe – What’s the Buyer Looking For?

Many people searching for a home, especially if they’ve just started searching or are a first time buyer, won’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a house. That makes your job as a realtor even tougher. How can you help someone find the perfect home if they don’t know what they want or need? That’s where Door Steps Swipe comes in.

First you both need to install the app. They can sift through listings on the app itself and “like” the ones that they might be interested in. Over time, what they really want becomes more evident. It shows whether they tend to “like” listings with more bedrooms, in a certain location, within a certain price range and other details that give you insight to what listings they’d probably want to see.

You can get the app here.

BPM Online – A Well Rounded Suite of Information

Once you have an idea of what they’re truly looking for thanks to the app above, you can keep track of all the little details in one convenient place: BPM Online. All their preferences and all the insight you’ve gathered is right there for the viewing, but you can do so much more. You have social media built right in, which allows you to find out even more about what they want or need.

Can’t remember exactly what you talked about last time they called? All your history is also right there at the click of a button. This really offers almost everything you need to manage contacts, clients, listings and more. To write about everything it offers would be to write a short book.

You can learn all about it here.

Do you have any other helpful apps, sites or software to share that stand out against the swarming crowd of emerging technology?