3 Hair Loss Products You’ve Never Heard of

January 14, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The vast majority of us love looking after our hair, whether it’s making sure it’s washed on the right day, keeping it out of the wind or just generally making it look nice. Male or female, each one of us is concerned about the health and wellbeing of our locks. As a result, it can be a horrific experience to start losing hair, no matter what age you’re at. Older people take it better in general, since it is something which is to be expected of old age. However, younger people sometimes find themselves losing hair when they are not yet 30 years old, and this is where hair loss products come into play.

While there are many popular hair loss products out there claiming to help you combat hair loss, there are also some other lesser-known products which can be just as good. Here are three of the hair loss products that you’ve probably never come across before.


The LaserCap is a product which can be worn under any hat, beret or cap and provides a method of laser hair therapy. The diode-laced cap provides a low level of laser light to the head, thus increasing cellular energy. As a result, the hair growth is enhanced. This treatment has been compared to other treatments which can cost as much as $100,000 to receive. At a mere $3,000 the LaserCap seems very cheap by comparison. For users trying out this product, they are advised to wear the cap for 30 minutes every two days. No more than this is needed, but less use than this could mean that the user does not see much of a difference. For those who persevere in using it for the recommended amounts of time, they should see a difference of as much as 30% within just three months. This means that you could have up to 30% more hair growth in 90 days as you did before you started the use of the LaserCap!

 Viviscal Hair Loss Concealer

Did you know that you don’t have to use a hair growth product? Instead, you can use a hair loss concealer product. This is better suited to some people, such as those who don’t like the idea of their hair artificially growing back. Viviscal’s hair loss concealer products are available for different hair colours, so it doesn’t matter whether yours is blonde, brown or red. The hair fibres are carefully made with keratin and designed in such a way so that the coating binds to your hair, thus making it look more voluminous. This product is suitable for both men and women and can be used even if your hair is simply thinning a little. If you’re a bit impatient waiting for your hair to appear thicker, you’ll be glad to hear that this product works in around 20 seconds! It’s a product which you can apply on the night you’re going out, and you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll be ready in time or not. You can also use this product along with Viviscal’s range of shampoos and conditioners, many of which are created in a way which will encourage volume in the hair.

 Lamberts Florisene Tablets

This is product which is mainly for women, so if you’re losing hair but don’t like the idea of actually putting something on your head in order to make your hair look thicker, you might like to try these Florisene tablets. Many women between the ages of 18 and 50 suffer hair loss before their time due to a nutritional imbalance within the body. The reason why many people don’t use Florisene is because it doesn’t help much with hair loss which is at the top of the head and very similar to balding. Florisene is mainly useful for hair loss which seems to be evenly distributed over the entire head. The best way of telling what type of hair loss you have is by feeling your hair. Hair loss which is spread more evenly will cause your hair to feel less thick. When you grab a handful of hair, you’ll feel like there isn’t as much as there used to be. Balding and other forms of hair loss are usually more visible, although of course they can also be felt.