3 Different Diets and Their Benefits

December 12, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

There are many different diets out there for somebody wanting any type of body. Not all diets are created equally though as many diets just attach themselves to a couple of buzzwords and have no research behind them. The best diets are those that have a lot of research behind them and ones that have been evaluated over a portion of time to make sure that they are safe.

Paleo Diet

This diet is used to improve health and many times for athletic reasons. The Paleo diet garnered a lot of attention as many of the people who do Crossfit joined in on the diet as part of a community building type of thing. The basis of the Paleo diet is to eat as natural as possible and avoid processed foods of any kind. The benefits of this diet are immense as with only eating natural sugars, there is less of a crash later in the afternoon in the post lunch haze. There is generally some weight that is lost as bread and many other grains are not permissible on this diet. Cheat meals are allowed when you build them in so your vice when it comes to food can still be indulged from time to time.


The Low FODMAP diet is a diet that comes out of Denmark that has a myriad of benefits. While most diets are primarily for losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, this diet has other goals besides just healthy living. Crohn’s disease is something that plagues the people who have it as well as irritable bowel syndrome. This diet is aimed at the people who are doing the diet to be able to live the life that they had previously. This diet does all of these things with specific ratios of different nutrients that tend to cause one’s bowels to be irritated.

Weight Watchers

Many people find Weight Watchers as one of the easiest diets to stick to. This is because the weight watchers diet is based on moderation rather than cutting out certain types of food. The participant has a certain number of points that they can consume per day and different foods are assigned different point values. The health benefits of losing a little bit of weight at a time rather than a crash diet are numerous, this also keeps stress off of the major organs dieting moderately. Weight Watchers has a built in support system in which weekly weigh ins allow people to chart their progress over time. There are also pins that you receive for losing a certain amount of weight.

Most diets regardless of what they are will generally be good for your health except the weight gaining and bulking diets that some bodybuilders do. Setting the goals that you want to achieve from the diet is a great way to stay on track on your mission. Dieting takes a lot of discipline so if you have somebody doing the diet with you or a support person for when you are wavering, this would be preferable.