3 Careers That Help Others On a Daily Basis

February 5, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

People make their career choices for a myriad of different reasons. Some people pick their careers because they have something that they are passionate about that can make them money. Others have their career paths completely dictated by the money they will earn. Then there are the people who take on their jobs because they genuinely enjoy helping others. Some of these jobs can be monetarily less than other while some get paid well as well as get to help people.


Teachers are a special breed of people as many do not have the patience to deal with a large group of children on a daily basis. Teachers not only shape the young minds of our countries but they also do much more. Teach for America is a great program that brings young teachers into low income areas to teach the children. This not only gives the teachers an experience of a lifetime but also lets them give experience in the teaching field. Some of these schools have a hard time finding teachers because of their reputations and Teach for America remedies that. Teachers help children in many ways and often times go out of pocket for school supplies if certain students cannot afford them. The pay is low but the reward is high as a teacher can go home and know that they impacted lives each day.


Counselors have a great impact and help people every single day. They help people who could be having behavioral problems or even couples that are having trouble in their marriage. Many counselors are very financially stable as the counseling profession pays very well especially when they are concentrated in certain areas of counseling. The people in this professional field listen to problems of people every single day and give advice that can be life changing. The great counselors are the people who hear the same problems every single day but customize the advice to the unique individual in front of them. Becoming a counselor takes a few steps but looking at howtobecomeacounselor.org can clear up any of the questions that one has about the process.


Firefighters and police officers put their lives in danger on a daily basis. The reasoning behind not putting police officers on this list is because firefighters know they will be going into a fire while police officers do not have the certainty of danger. Firefighters might have the most selfless job that there is and they have to see things that a human being should not have to see. They stay up 48 hours in a row waiting to help others and are paid a generally low salary. These men should be revered more highly than they already are because they jump into situations for people they do not know when they are not sure if they will survive.

As you can see, these are 3 very different professions that help people on a daily basis. Working for money or security is ok and these jobs can provide it, but the kicker with these jobs is that they impact other people’s lives on a daily basis.