3 Big IT Mistakes Companies Make

December 4, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The IT industry is something that has been booming and continues to boom in the recent years. This is because most industries have gone completely digital with most of their data and information. Sometimes hiring an IT department is not an option for the smaller companies that are around. Hiring outsourced help can be a cost effective and efficient way to solve all of your IT issues. Without IT help your company could have issues and lose money very quickly as the business world moves quickly. This will go over some of the IT mistakes that companies often make if they haven’t outsourced the work to professionals.

Not Enough Tech Support

This is something that can have your company losing thousands of dollars a year. When your devices or software shuts down, it leaves your employees idle which is losing money every single minute the systems are down. Relying on one person who has a knack for tech is dangerous in the fact that if that person is on vacation, your company is at a standstill. Having outsourced help is great because they will have a support staff every day most of the time 24 hours a day. For example, you can hire Asapy to handle your IT work and you will not have to worry about your office tech guru going away or being sick for a day.

Having Illegal Software

This is an easy trap to be caught in, many times you will download a software that you might have thought was free from a website but instead you have downloaded this illegally. This can end up costing your company thousands of dollars in settlements and penalties that you will have to pay if you are caught using illegal software. Having these illegal software downloads also can hurt in the speediness of the software being fixed since you will not be able to call the company since you have not obtained a license.

Lack Of Security

Security attacks on your company can cause massive problems in many different areas. You can be liable if client’s information leaks into the wrong hands then you could be liable for not protecting it. This can also impact your financials, if you think that this does not happen, nearly $400 billion are lost to cyber-attacks in the US alone with that number rising substantially around the world. Having outsourced experts handle your cybersecurity is quite an important feat especially for smaller businesses who cannot endure client loss or money loss even at a small scale.

This just hits the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mistakes that businesses make when it comes to their IT. The best thing that a company can do is be prepared for every situation that could arise. Not knowing how to approach your IT department is fine as long as you are willing to outsource for help. Outsourcing your IT department is not only cost effective but also a great choice if you pick a company that devotes itself to customer service.