3 Amazingly Simple, Natural, Cheap Spring Cleaning Tips

March 4, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Spring is creeping up on us. This weekend is time to spring our clocks forward (like I have an hour to just throw into thin air). It sure doesn’t seem like spring with all the winter storms still plastering half the nation, though. Sure, I’m not ready for the springtime tornado season (is there really still such a thing?) but it’d sure be nice to see more than a few days where the ground isn’t covered. But the other thing that I know a lot of you probably dread is spring cleaning.

Start Preparing Don’t be like me and wait until the last minute. This year, I’m planning on starting, well… now! Not right this minute, but before the weekend gets here. So I’ve been planning and putting together ideas. One thing’s probably for sure. This year I think I’m going to use a same day dumpster rental when I hit the most-dreaded rooms. Here are some tips from me to you (or in some cases not from me, so I’ll give you the link to credit who gave me the idea.

Don’t Put Off the Pantry

In the past, this is something I’ve neglected. At this point, I couldn’t tell you all the cans in the back that we’ve never used and probably never will use. If they aren’t too old, I’ll donate them. But let’s face it, even pantry items don’t last forever. That goes for staples I thought I’d use, too (special flour or spices, etc.).

Clutter, Clutter… Everywhere With three kids from preschool to high school age, it’s not easy to keep the clutter down. There are probably two super large, hefty defty trash bags full of toys, toy parts (ya know, the tiny guns that go to the Coast Guard boat that oh, also has life jackets and other pieces that haven’t been used since Christmas morning) and other stuff the younger kids would ever realize was gone. It’s just piled up in toy boxes. A toy box in the bedroom. A toy box in the bedroom closet. A toy box under the Mickey Mouse table in the living room. Need I say more?

Magazines. Books. I be no one has touched the majority of them in at least a year. They just sit stacked on the shelves. On the table in the bedroom. In the window sill. See why that dumpster will come in handy? Here after everyone leaves the house and gone before anyone ever knows it was here. No one to argue about why we should keep this or that – all this stuff that’s no good and no one else would want. Of course, things that others would use will be donated or put on Freecycle. Once it’s done, it’s done and I vow not to let it get this far again.

For clothes, my neighbor gave me an awesome tip. You know, the neighbor that has it all together. Never misses a beat. Yes, annoying, but every once in a while you remember why you still chat with her every single morning… Hang all your clothes up the opposite direction than normal. i.e. that’s probably with open hook part facing you. When you’re putting up laundry, hang them normally. This way, next year when spring cleaning rolls around you’ll know exactly what you should get rid of – anything still hanging the opposite way.

Three Super Awesome and Natural Cleaning Tips

Ok so here are the tips I’ve found elsewhere that I just LOVE. I’m always ready for anything that’s natural, saves me money and makes things easier is always.

1. Quickly and easily get rid of grime and hard water stains off fixtures (sinks, tubs, showers): Grab a lemon, cut it in half and scrub with the inside part of the lemon. That’s it. No harsh or expensive cleaners made specially for hard water. Just a lemon! See the before and after photos from the Broccolicupcake blog.

2. Clean the lime deposits and stains: This one will cost ya less than .50 cents. Grab a packet of lemonade kool-aid and run the dishwasher with that instead of soap. No kidding. See the video here on RealSimple.

3. When’s the last time you looked into the crevices of your windows? You know, especially on bottom where the window slides open and close. Go take a look. It’s probably pretty dirty. But one simple ingredient from the kitchen will take that. Yep. Use vinegar to clean those window crevices. This tip I found on AskAnnaMoseley.com.