2NE1: Music Videos Released for ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Happy’

March 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

2NE1 music videos were released for “Come Back Home” and “Happy” off of the new album, “Crush.”

The album marks the band’s return to traditional style. 

“Come Back Home” shot to the top of the iTunes Top Single Chart in the Philippines, while the album rose to the top of the Top Albums Chart in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand.

The album was also in the top 10 in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Papa YG, or Yang Hyun Suk, congratulated the girls on their achievement, telling them via Instagram “Congratulations girls ~~ ^^ You’ve worked so hard  Now enjoy yourselves on the stage with an eased heart.” 

The all girl band was formed in 2009, when they released their first single and first EP. The band consists of Rapper CL, dancer Minzy, and vocalists Bom and Dara.

YG was actually a member of Seo Taiji & Boys, which had a hit song in the ’90s named “Come Back Home.”

“We thought it would be cool to shout out [the original] ‘Come Back Home’ in dedication to YG,” CL told Vice. “For the video, the entire process was very different. We shot two versions at the same time and it’s more like a movie than anything else you have seen from us.”

“For this album, we pretty much locked ourselves up in the studio and gave it 100%. We’ve also grown a lot as women since our first album, and you’ll be able to hear that on this record,” CL said. “It’s even more personal to us than our previous records.”

The upcoming tour, “All or Nothing,” is the second world tour.

“It’s been four years since our last album … four years is an especially long time in Korea,” CL said. “So each one of us personally has that “do or die” attitude. We are giving everything we have into this album and tour … We have never released an album full of all new and previously unheard material.”

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