27 Chinese Provinces and Cities Hunger Strike with Gao Zhisheng on March 11

March 11, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 11, 2006 12:00 am

At 6 a.m. Beijing standard time on March 11, attorney Gao Zhisheng began his fourth stint in the Global Relay Hunger Strike. Since February 18, attorney Gao has been fasting every Saturday to support the hunger strike for human rights. At the same time on March 11, people in twenty-seven provinces and cities across China began their own hunger strikes with Gao to show support. Attorney Gao told this reporter that on March 10 that several thousand staff members of a large company in Shanxi Province also participated in the hunger strike.

The following is an interview with Gao Zhisheng by a Sound of Hope Radio Network reporter from the 10th:

Gao Zhisheng: At least 27 provinces will begin hunger strikes simultaneously tomorrow. This must be widely reported to all the people in China through broadcasts from free radio and media.

Many groups in China contacted us today. There is a large company in Shanxi Province where the corrupt corporate officials have driven the workers to their wit's end. Several thousand people from that business are all participating in the hunger strike. Of course, I am not willing to disclose the name of the company, nor more especially its location, because I am afraid to bring harm to them. I repeatedly told them it was dangerous, but one person said, “As a group of people without anything to eat and without the right to even file a complaint, what other dangers are there?”

Reporter: What is the theme for the 27 provinces hunger-striking with you at the same time?

Gao Zhisheng: The central theme is still to protest against the Chinese Communist Party's organized criminal activities, the criminal-like police and their violent behavior towards Chinese citizens.