2,500 Calories a Night Eaten by Sleepwalking UK Woman

April 24, 2013 2:51 pm Last Updated: July 18, 2015 5:20 pm

2,500 calories a night: A U.K. woman reportedly suffers from a rare sleeping disorder where she eats around 2,500 calories a night while asleep.

To deal with potential weight gain, Lesley Cusack, 55, has to keep a strict diet during the daytime because she has no control over what she eats.

“I can only tell by the remains in the morning. I tend to find opened tins of things or packets and I’ve no idea whether I’ve eaten some of them cold or not,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “Sometimes I’ve found soup in pans, but also in bowls – it all can get rather messy.”

She added: “I’ve put alarms on my doors in the hope it will wake me up. It doesn’t work though. I simply turn it off in my sleep.”

Cusack added she likely suffers from Sleep Related Eating Disorder over the past several years.

She even cooks up meals while in her sleep.

“I was terrified at the thought of leaving the door open or having an accident outside,” she told the Daily Mail. “Using the cooker, kettle and sharp knives means it’s only a matter of time before something more serious happens.”

And even worse, Cusack said that she has eaten non-food items, including emulsion paint, Vaseline, cough syrup, raw potatoes, and soap powder, according to the Mail.

“I broke several teeth the other night. It’s a matter of time before something more serious happens,” she told the Mirror.

British Sleep Society President Paul Reading said that many sufferers of sleepwalking can eat and cook.

“Weight gain and guilt are common consequences,” he told the Mirror.