25-Year-Old Californian Enters Race One Month Before Primary, Running for Congress

October 23, 2018 Updated: October 24, 2018

One minute 25-year-old Joshua Scott was campaigning for Dr. Ken Wright, the Republican candidate for California’s 33rd Congressional Districtand the next minute he was running for Congress himself.

“I found out that in District 32 there was no Republican running against Democratic incumbent Grace Napolitano. People did not have a choice,” he told The Epoch Times.

In May, less than one month before the state primary, the political science graduate from California State University, Long Beach, filed his paperwork to run for Congress in the 32nd District, which includes the cities of El Monte, West Covina, and Azusa.

He then won second place against the 10-year Democratic incumbent and earned himself a spot in the general election. As he just turned 25 in March, he’s now likely the youngest candidate for Congress, and he says that’s an asset.

“I guarantee I’m the most energetic and passionate candidate out there. That definitely comes from my youthfulness, and I think it’s important to bring a new perspective,” he said.

The local community has not had a Republican on the ballot since 2014, and Scott said residents have been incredibly supportive of his campaign.

He’s also happy to be part of a recent conservative movement in California, including repealing the 2017 gas tax and supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox, and he said Los Angeles County is vital for the success of that movement.

However, he said the biggest issue by far for residents has been immigration.

“Every time I give a speech at a club, at an event, just approaching people in the community, everyone is so, so passionate about the immigration issue and about border security,” he said.

Scott plans to support efforts to secure the border, increase federal immigration law enforcement, reduce incentives for people to cross the border illegally such as sanctuary policies, and implement immigration reform. He wants to allow qualified people with “grit and merit” to come to the United States and benefit from an American education and jobs without encouraging drug and human trafficking.

“We love having people come here, being excited to become an American,” he said.

After college, Scott was able to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel, to work at a geopolitical risk assessing firm in as an analyst, and he said it was “incredible work experience.” The job helped convince him to get more involved in the political process when he returned home.

However, when his friends and family found out his last-minute plans to run for Congress, they were a little surprised.

“It was kind of a crazy reception at first, but people are so supportive of me, because everyone who’s known me for a long time knows that I’ve always been very politically minded,” he said.

A Proud Conservative

When Scott turned 18, he said he immediately registered as a Republican, because he has always been a proud conservative.

However, he’s not opposed to reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats on important issues.

“That is something that I will absolutely pursue when I am elected, and I think that it’s obvious that I can make that happen, because I’m not backed by special interests.”

Scott says there’s also not likely to be a super-majority in Congress any time soon, so it will be crucial to be able to work together. He added that he respected the patriotic politicians in both major parties who have dedicated their lives to serving their country.

While the young Congressional candidate from California’s 32nd District may not beat a well-known incumbent in this race, it probably won’t be his last.

“We’re very, very optimistic about our chances, and regardless of what happens, I’m going to keep fighting for American values and the United States Constitution,” he said.

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