23 Children Hurt Inside Trampoline Gym: Reports

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
November 12, 2017 Updated: November 13, 2017

Twenty-three children were hurt after a stairwell at a trampoline gym collapsed—which sent the children hurtling toward the ground.

The children are now recovering in area hospitals, ABC13 reported.

“It was really scary,” one child told ABC13. “Everybody was crying and bleeding.”

The wooden platform broke at a business called Vault PK, located at 1699 Main St., KTLA reported. The incident took place at 7 p.m. Saturday, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department said on Twitter.

The platform collapsed while children and adults were on top of it, officials confirmed.

Four of the injured children are listed in serious condition, fire officials stated.

“The platform these kids were going up was real sketchy, you could tell it wasn’t going to hold all that weight,” parent Cory Brizendine told ABC13. Some 30 to 40 children were called to the stairwell to get pizza.


“All of a sudden, it just crashed down and I heard people screaming when it was coming down,” he said.

Jordan Alvarez, 13, said he considers himself lucky.

“I fell, luckily I landed on a cushioned pad,” Alvarez said. “Luckily I didn’t get hurt.”

The gym’s owner Jessica Ho told ABC that she was “devastated.”

Her statement read: “We are truly heartbroken tonight, as these children and their parents aren’t just our members—we see them weekly, they are our gym family – I had my own children there tonight. I am just as devastated for all the children affected as any other parent. Their safety has always been a priority. My heart aches for the families who call Vault PK home.”

“We are working with authorities and will continue to do so to resolve this. That is all we can say for now.”


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