2015 Honda Fit Video Review: A Subcompact That’s Second to None

By Mimi Li, Epoch Times
October 8, 2014 Updated: October 8, 2014


Watch as Nathan Adlen of TFLCar reviews the new 2015 Honda Fit, and find out why he considers it the ‘Swiss Army Knife of Cars.’

The tiny 2015 Honda Fit sports a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that churns out 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. It can be fitted with a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with Dual-Mode Paddle Shifters for the EX and EX-L models.

One primary reason car owners buy a subcompact like the Fit is fuel mileage. The 2015 Fit doesn’t disappointed: It’s rated 35 mpg combined with the CVT and 32 mpg with the 6-speed manual.

Economy cars are small and cute by nature, but with the 2015 model, Honda has made the fit more modern and more like a Civic, which gives it a more upscale feel.

The 7-inch infotainment display is simple and unobtrusive. Not only does a rear-view camera and video come standard, there’s even a passenger-side camera that activates and shows up on the display when the driver signals to turn right.

Honda moved the gas tank to underneath the driver’s seat for the 2015 Fit, which means the trunk has as much capacity as those of small SUVs.

Adlen has plenty of accolades for the new Fit, calling it “the most utilitarian vehicle in its class — it’s user-friendly and amazing not only for kids starting off in college, but also small families.”

It’s “best in class — by far,” he proclaimed.

Are there any down sides? Sure. For taller and wider drivers, the driver’s seat might seem like sitting in a cramped economy seat on a budget airline. But the average-sized person will find the interior comfortable enough.

The 2015 Honda Fit comes in three flavors: The LX, which starts at $15,525; the EX, which starts at $17,435; and the EX-L, which starts at $19,800.