2011 Ford Explorer Dubbed Crossover

May 28, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

The 2011 Ford Explorer.
The 2011 Ford Explorer.
The 2011 Ford Explorer specs have been released to automotive experts who are giving the new model a once over. The collective comments indicate the 2011 Ford Explorer is a crossover SUV that will handle more like a car.

The 2011 Ford Explorer is sportier than past versions due to Ford’s intentional move to align the vehicle with new trends in the automotive industry. Ford moved away from the classic Explorer set up that was a little bulky with low gas mileage, leading to decreased sales.

Experts from Car and Driver magazine pointed out that the new body type on the 2011 Ford Explorer features one whole entity rather than a cage like body on top of a frame. The unified body structure is used to provide handling that is more like a car. The new engine was outlined as a fundamental change to the vehicle. The V8 has been downgraded to a V6 to lower weight and increase gas mileage.

The new Explorer was introduced at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show inspiring motor enthusiasts to accumulate some pre-release photos of the vehicle. Automotive experts from the website MotorAuthority pointed out that the body type of the new Explorer is more like the body on a Taurus with one collective formation. Explorer’s new V6 was listed as being a 340 horse power EcoBoost that will make the driving experience sporty rather than brawny.

Ford Explorers peaked in their popularity in the 1990’s and then declined after car buyers started to focus on crossover SUV’s with better gas mileage and body designs that are less likely to rollover. There has been negative press involving accidents where Explorers caught fire unexpectedly along with a few lawsuits from rollovers.

No specific release date has been set by Ford but the new Explorer will most likely come out some time later in the year.