2 Teen Girls Accused of Stabbing Another Girl 19 Times (Video)

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June 3, 2014 Updated: June 3, 2014

12-year-old Morgan Geyser, and 12-year-old Anissa Weier were charged as adults on Monday, June 2nd — accused of stabbing another 12-year-old girl over the weekend. Apparently, all three of the girls in this case were friends. The two 12-year-old girls are accused of plotting, and attempting to kill their friend and classmate.

Saturday morning a bicyclist found the victim on the ground with stab wounds all over her body, the two girls now face 16 year in prison each.

Earlier Monday Chief Russell Jack says its a crime two middle schoolers had been planing for several months to kill one of their friends, he says over the weekend all three girls had a sleepover at the home of one of the suspects.

Court Commissioner Thomas Pieper said , “I recognize their young ages but it’s still unbelievable. “

Police said one suspect held the victim down and the other stabbed the girl 19 times in the arms, legs and torso. As to while this happened police say the two girls, the two suspects, were interested in posted online about death.

Chief Russell Jack talked to the parents of the suspects to know what their children are doing and reading online.

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