2 Americans Gored in Spain’s Running of the Bulls

July 7, 2017 Updated: July 7, 2017

Two Americans were gored while participating in Pamplona’s famed Running of the Bulls during the annual San Fermin festival in Spain, according to The Associated Press.

Another Spanish man was also injured after he was gored and tossed into the air by a bull, AP reported. He underwent surgery for severe injuries to his head and leg.

The American men sustained other injuries—one 35-year-old American was gored in the abdomen, while a 29-year-old was gored in the groin.

Other runners were treated for bruises.

“A Spaniard from the Navarro region… is in a serious condition and two Americans (are) in a less serious condition,” the festival said in a statement, Sky News reported on July 7.

Runners completed the 900-yard course on the cobbled streets of Pamplona during the famed festival, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Fifteen people have been killed in the run since 1911—with the last fatality taking place in 2009.

Writer Ernest Hemingway noted the festival in his famed book, “The Sun Also Rises.”

The bulls running on Friday came from the Cebada Gago ranch. Bulls from the ranch have gored 53 people since they started running in the festival in 1985. Cebada Gago’s website claims that its bulls are “the best.”

The bull runs take place eight times—in the morning, over eight days—during the festival. In the afternoon, the bulls face matadors in bullfights where they’re usually killed.