2.5 Tons of Plastic Chinese ‘Rice’ Seized in Nigeria

December 21, 2016 Updated: December 21, 2016

Officials have seized more than 100 large bags of Chinese plastic “rice,” weighing more than two tons, in Nigeria, according to reports.

The 102 bags of fake rice, weighing 55 pounds each, are labeled “Best Tomato Rice,” All Africa reported. They were found in a store located in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, the report stated.

Officials seized the fake rice after a tip was sent about a criminal plot to distribute it to people in the city.

A senior customs official told the AFP news agency that the plastic rice was likely smuggled or illegally shipped from China through a Lagos port.

“A suspect has since been arrested in connection with the plastic rice. He has made useful statement (sic) and he is helping the team to get to the root of the matter. He actually admitted receiving the plastic rice from someone who wanted him to help distribute them to some people,” local customs comptroller Haruna Mammudu told All Africa.

“After boiling, it was sticky and only God knows what would have happened if people consumed it,” Haruna added to AFP.

More than a year ago, fake rice made out of paper was found in Guangdong Province in southern China. A Chinese woman noticed that her rice was much more difficult to chew than usual. The woman told reporters that her family didn’t notice anything strange until she bit down on rice that was “unusually hard,” reported Shanghaiist, citing the Apple Daily newspaper.