Watch: 18-Year-Old Chinese Man Survives Car Crash Using Kung Fu

March 2, 2016 Updated: March 3, 2016

In an auto accident that could’ve easily caused mortal or severe injury, a Chinese man miraculously did a full somersault in the air and landed safely using martial arts techniques, Yangtse Evening Post reported March 1. The events took place in the city of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province, eastern China.

The accident happened on Feb. 16, when Mr. Shen, a driver, steered tight to avoid an electric vehicle making a sudden turn. At the moment, a young pedestrian, Mr. Zhuang, happened to be passing by and was hit in a collision that sent him flying through the air in a spinning pattern.

But Zhuang, an athletic young man who has practiced martial arts since he was a small child, reacted quickly. While airborne, he shot out his hands to cushion the impact and redirect his body mass.

Update: a video of the accident taken by security camera was uploaded to Chinese social media. 

Screenshot from footage showing the accident. (via.
Screenshots from footage showing the accident. (via.

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Shen’s vehicle did not escape without damage. Seeing a large hole in the windscreen, traffic policeman Hu Xiaofei assumed that the victim must’ve suffered severe physical damage, he told the Yangtse Evening Post. Instead, Zhuang sustained no more than a few light flesh wounds.

“The guy is basically unscathed,” Hu said.

Nevertheless, Zhuang’s family still charged Shen, the driver, a small ‘freight fee” to cover medical treatment.

Shen's vehicle sustained more damage than Zhuang. (via
Shen’s vehicle sustained more damage than Zhuang. (via