Watch: 18-Year-Old Chinese Man Survives Car Crash Using Kung Fu

By Juliet Song, Epoch Times
March 2, 2016 Updated: March 3, 2016    

In an auto accident that could’ve easily caused mortal or severe injury, a Chinese man miraculously did a full somersault in the air and landed safely using martial arts techniques, Yangtse Evening Post reported¬†March 1. The events took place in the city of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province, eastern China.

The accident happened on Feb. 16, when Mr. Shen, a driver, steered tight to avoid an electric vehicle making a sudden turn. At the moment, a young pedestrian, Mr. Zhuang, happened to be passing by and was hit in a collision that sent him flying through the air in a spinning pattern.

But Zhuang, an athletic young man who has practiced martial arts since he was a small child, reacted quickly. While airborne, he shot out his hands to cushion the impact and redirect his body mass.

Update: a video of the accident taken by security camera was uploaded to Chinese social media. 

Screenshot from footage showing the accident. (via.
Screenshots from footage showing the accident. (via.

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Shen’s vehicle did not escape without damage. Seeing a large hole in the windscreen, traffic policeman Hu Xiaofei assumed that the victim must’ve suffered severe physical damage, he told the Yangtse Evening Post. Instead, Zhuang sustained no more than a few light flesh wounds.

“The guy is basically unscathed,” Hu said.

Nevertheless, Zhuang’s family still charged Shen, the driver, a small ‘freight fee” to cover medical treatment.

Shen's vehicle sustained more damage than Zhuang. (via
Shen’s vehicle sustained more damage than Zhuang. (via