165 Neglected German Shepherds Rescued From Property in Georgia, Says Humane Society

January 6, 2019 Updated: January 6, 2019

More than 165 German shepherds were discovered neglected and living in filthy conditions in Georgia, according to the Atlanta Humane Society.

The humane society, in a Facebook post on Jan. 4, wrote that its Animal Cruelty Unit responded to a neglect case in Candler County, located in central Georgia.

The dozens of German shepherds were living in “deplorable” and “unsanitary” conditions.

Yesterday, our Animal Cruelty Unit was on the ground in Candler County, GA alongside the Candler County Sheriff’s office…

Atlanta Humane Society 发布于 2019年1月4日周五

“Our team assessed the scene, provided care to the most medically in-need animals, and are back on site this morning offering medical care and assistance to these dogs,” wrote the humane society.

It asked for support to provide care for the animals. “Your support is needed urgently to help us care for the animals we’ll be bringing back to Atlanta,” the post read.

Meanwhile, the first priority for the humane society is “the health and safety of these animals, so we are not yet looking for supplies or adopters,” according to the post.

“Your donation is urgently needed to help us provide exactly what they need right now,” the group said.

Workers with the humane society took the animals back to campuses in Midtown Atlanta and Alpharetta on Jan. 5, reported WSB-TV.

Candler County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the property owner on animal cruelty charges.

“The dogs on this property are living in extremely unsanitary conditions and are in desperate need of help. Our team is working closely with Candler County Sheriff’s Department to provide the support and care needed to ensure the best outcome for these dogs,” said Jessica Rock, head of legal advocacy and law enforcement support at the Atlanta Humane Society, told the station.

Officials said the animals are currently being assessed and will be given medical exams.

Canine Pet Rescue said on Facebook that its volunteers are heading to Georgia to pick up the dogs on Jan. 6, reported WSB.

Hi everyone, here’s an update on the South Georgia dogs. We are caravanning down with many volunteers tomorrow to pick…

Canine Pet Rescue 发布于 2019年1月5日周六

“We are caravanning down with many volunteers tomorrow to pick up as many as we can take. Thanks to all who have already donated and brought items to the jail or the farm today,” the organization said.

The group asked for donations for food, collars, supplements, toys, and leashes.

“Finally, we need fosters and adopters. For every foster, we can bring one more dog home tomorrow,” the group stated.

“Please consider fostering if you can. If you are already approved as a foster or adopter for CPR, you can pick up a dog as early as tomorrow. Please let us know ASAP,” said the group in the Facebook post.

The rescue group, the sheriff’s office, or humane society didn’t reveal why the owner had 165 German shepherds on his property.