16-Year-Old German Girl Who Joined ISIS Found Alive in Mosul Rubble, Reports Say

July 21, 2017 Updated: July 21, 2017

A 16-year-year old girl from Germany who was reported missing last year and is believed to have joined the ISIS terrorist group was found alive in the rubble of war-torn Mosul.

The identity of the teen has not yet been confirmed by authorities, but many believe she is Linda Wenzel after photos of the girl being captured circulated widely on social media.

Iraqi police arrested the teenager last week, along with 20 jihadists, after winning back the capital, according to German officials, the Daily Mail reports.

Wenzel ran away from her hometown of Pulsnitz in Germany last year, using her mother’s passport. She first flew from Berlin to Turkey before arriving in Syria.

The teenager was allegedly held in Idlib province last August by Islamic fighters sympathetic to ISIS before she was smuggled to the so-called caliphate, according to the Independent.

A tweet from reporter Bjorn Stritzel from German newspaper Bild identifies the girl captured in Mosul as Wenzel.

The tweet says: “German ISIS girl Linda W. (16 y/o) was apparently captured in Mosul by Iraqi security forces.” 

It is not known when Wenzel arrived in the city of Mosul. The city was previously under attack from U.S.-backed Iraqi coalition forces since October last year. The battle is now in its final days as ISIS continually loses ground.

Linda left her home last year after falling in love with a Muslim she met online. 

After she joined ISIS, Linda was supposedly working as a sniper for the terrorist group, according to The Sun

At least 27,000 foreigners are believed to have traveled to Syria to fight on different sides of the civil war, according to the Independent. The war has been going on for 6 years now.

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