15-Year-Old High School Student Fatally Shot in Florida While Walking to School

December 18, 2018 Updated: December 18, 2018

A 15-year-old Florida boy was shot while walking to school on Dec. 18, authorities said.

The teenager, who has not been identified, was walking in Orlando around 6:30 a.m. when he was shot.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina told reporters that first responders rushed to the scene but the boy was soon pronounced dead.

Mina said the police have no witnesses so far and urged anyone with information to come forward.

“It’s very early in the investigation and we don’t have a lot of information so we’re relying on the community to come forward with any information,” the sheriff said.

People who live in the area heard the gunshots.

Frank Skinner, who lives near the crime scene, said that when he heard the noises, he initially thought they were fireworks.

“I was sitting on the porch at 630 in the morning getting ready for work and I heard some burning out from a vehicle up at the corner. And after that I thought it was a mortar, a firework,” he told WFTV. “It wasn’t a firework, because five more went off after that.”

Boone High families, we have some very sad news to share with you. We were made aware by law enforcement that early this…

Boone High School 发布于 2018年12月18日周二

Boone High School was briefly placed under lockdown.

Principal Dusty Johns informed the school community in a message posted on Facebook about the death.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as they go through this extremely difficult time. Your child may speak with you and share this sad news. Students will have varied reactions to the death of a peer. Any reaction is normal in the grief process and I encourage you to openly discuss with your child their feelings and reactions,” he wrote.

“We will have a crisis team on campus to provide counseling assistance for students and staff. In addition, out of an abundance of caution, we will have additional law enforcement presence on campus. The safety and well-being of our students is my top priority. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns.”

Another Student Killed

It’s the second death of a Boone student in the past several weeks after Kody Larue, 14, was found dead inside a house in Azalea Park on Nov. 26.

His body and that of his mother, Leslie McKinley, 47, were decomposing.

Investigators said they believe McKinley killed her son before taking her own life.

When firefighters forced their way inside the home after receiving a tip from a neighbor, they found a note warning of “toxic chemicals” inside the bedroom, where the bodies were, reported the Sentinel.

Deputies believe the chemicals were inhaled by the victims and the toxins may have dissipated before the bodies were found.

The medical examiner was scheduled to issue an official cause of death.

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