15 People Vie for $14,000 Left in Goodwill Donation Box

May 17, 2012 Updated: May 17, 2012

After employees at a St. Louis Goodwill found over $14,000 in cash in a box of Christmas decorations, 15 people have since come forth to claim the money as theirs, local station KMOV reported.

“I was mesmerized. It wasn’t Monopoly money so I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’ and the more we counted it was just like wow,” store manager Tina Wells, who found the money while sorting through old clothes and household items, told another local station, KPLR.

Yet the amazement did not last long. Caught in the middle, Goodwill has turned the case over to the courts. All 15 individuals have called goodwill over the last week to claim the money as rightfully theirs would need to appear in the St. Louis County Circuit Court.

As the court reviews claims of ownership for the next thirty days, the money is being kept at a local bank.

The money was discovered in the donation box in the 10000 block of Baptist Church Road last Wednesday. After reviewing surveillance video, store officials concluded the donor dropped off the box at 3 p.m. while driving a green Ford F150 truck.