14-Year-Old Missouri Girl Shoots, Kills Elk

November 14, 2017 Updated: November 14, 2017

A 14-year-old Missouri girl made the shot of a lifetime.

Abby Wilson saw antlers and a brown body in a wooded area. Then, she pulled the trigger.

Abby thought it was a deer. But instead, it was its larger cousin, an elk.

“She called her dad, who was hunting nearby, and her dad realized it was an elk,” said Tom Strother, who is the regional supervisor for the Missouri Department of Conservation, USA Today reported.

“The dad called our agent in Boone County, Adam Doerhoff, and said, ‘We think we just shot an elk.'”

“The dad sent me a photo to my phone and it was very clear that, yes, that’s an elk,” Doerhoff said. “You don’t expect to see something like that. I’ve learned to never say never.”

Missouri doesn’t have an elk hunting season. And it’s not clear where the elk came from.

“Our elk biologist wants some parts to figure out where it may have come from,” Strother said. “There are no reports of elk in this area. It was kind of a surprise to us. There was no evidence of any ear tags or collars on this one.”

“We don’t have any knowledge of free-ranging wild elk” in Boone County, where she shot the elk, or the immediate area, Robert Hemmelgarn, metro media specialist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, told the Columbia Missourian. “There’s an ongoing investigation as to where this elk came from.”

Shooting a wild elk in Missouri is technically a crime. It’s unclear if the state will take action against the young hunter.