12-Year-Old Russian Schoolgirl Electrocuted by Cellphone in Bathtub

February 2, 2018 Updated: February 3, 2018

A Russian schoolgirl was electrocuted in her bath after her smartphone fell into the water while it was connected to a charger, according to a report by MailOnline, citing a police statement.

The 12-year-old has been identified only as Kseniya P. It is reported that she died instantly.

Kseniya’s mother reportedly told police her daughter jumped in the bath when she returned home from playing basketball after school.


The girl was listening to music when her smartphone lost its charge, the report stated, citing police sources. The youngster then allegedly plugged it into a power source in the bathroom.

At some point the phone accidentally fell into the water, initial results of an investigation revealed–with the cable still attached.

Kseniya’s mother was in the kitchen preparing a meal while her daughter was in the bathroom. She became unsettled after a period of prolonged silence and went to the bathroom to investigate.

The mother found her daughter “already dead with her head under the water,” the Mirror reported, and the phone floating in the bath.

The woman immediately called an ambulance and tried to revive her daughter, but to no avail.

The family lived in the village of Bolshoe Gryzlovo south of Moscow, according to reports.

Epoch Times Photo
Ksenyia P. was electrocuted to death at her home south of Moscow, Russia. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

Kseniya was reportedly a passionate dancer and skier.

A report on the case is expected after an investigation by authorities into the incident concludes. Meanwhile, the tragedy has prompted numerous comments urging parents to warn children about exercising caution when using electronic devices around water.

In a similar case, a teen in Texas was electrocuted to death in the bath while charging her phone.

At her parent’s request, police released the last photo the girl sent before she died–as a warning that combining water, electricity, and electronic devices can be fatal.


Epoch Times Photo
Madison Coe’s last text message sent just before she was electrocuted in a bathtub. (Lovington Police Department)

The parents of Madison Coe, 14, agreed to release the photo to raise awareness, especially among teens as they are the heaviest users of portable electronic devices, KCBD reported.

Investigators with the Lovington Police Department believe Coe took the photo, then sent it in a text message mere moments before she died.

According to KCBD, a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Lovington Police Department stated the teen had plugged her cell phone into an extension cord, which was plugged into a bathroom wall outlet that was not grounded and not a GFCI, which protects people from electrical shock.

The report indicates the phone was never immersed in water.

Coe reportedly took care to keep the connection of the cords dry. However, the teen likely did not notice the extension cord was frayed.

Evidence shows she touched the frayed extension cord while she was in the bathtub.

Epoch Times Photo
Madison Coe, 14, (R) was electrocuted to death in the bathtub. (GoFundMe)

Coe’s mother and grandmother said there was a mark on the girl’s hand, KCBD reported.

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