11-Year-Old Girl Hides in Closet During Home Invasion

November 24, 2017 Updated: November 24, 2017

An 11-year-old girl has described the terrifying moments she was trapped in a closet during a home invasion in Michigan.

Following a frantic 911 from the girl, deputies in Ypsilanti Township were dispatched to the home invasion in 8400 block of Textile Road in Washtenaw County on Friday, Nov. 17. reported MLive.

The girl had become alarmed by what sounded like somebody trying to force their way into the premises, which started just moments after her grandfather had left in the car.

“He started to kick the door down,” she said according to ClickOnDetroit.

As the burglar broke in, she ran upstairs and hid in a closet.

The suspect went upstairs and began to ransack the house in search of valuables.

“He didn’t go anywhere else but upstairs,” said the girl, according to MLIVE. “He ran upstairs and went in my papa’s closet, in his bathroom.”

After finding and taking two shotguns, a handgun, and jewelry, the suspect then made his way towards the closet where the girl was hiding.

“He came into the place where I was at and I told him to get away from the door and then he ran,” she said, reported ClickOnDetroit.

The girl then called her grandfather and, moments later, emergency dispatch.

This is a transcript of the panic-stricken 911 call:

Caller: “Somebody came into my house and I tried to call my father and I was hiding in the closet. They broke the door and I don’t know where my dog is.”

911: Take a couple of breaths for me. Are they gone?

Caller: “Yes.”

911: “Did they hurt you?”

Caller: “No.”

911: “How old are you?”

Caller: “I’m only 11.”

Following the incident, the Sheriff’s Department in Washtenaw County advised residents to be particularly vigilant and call for any suspicious behavior, according to ClickOnDetroit.

The suspect was reportedly driving a grey, van-like vehicle with tinted windows, according to police.

He is described as between 5-foot-11 and 6 feet tall, black or brown hair, with a normal build and wearing a black sweatshirt, black pants and a black baseball cap.

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