11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pinterest

February 2, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Pinterest is the new social media craze and has been popular for several years. It seems like overnight it took the market by storm and is now dominating the female demographic. It’s a wonderland of everything ranging from tasty foods to fashion and it’s only gaining popularity and becoming bigger each and everyday. I decided to compile some interesting facts about the social media giant and they might just surprise you.

1. Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic source in the world, trailing only behind Google, Facebook, and direct linking. In fact, Pinterest drives more traffic than Yahoo organic search.

2. 25% of US women use Pinterest. Compared to the 5% of U.S. males who use it. As you can see, the demographic here is women and it’s expected to stay this way even though more and more male users are signing up. However, there are other sites similar to Pinterest who target the male demographic, such as GentleMint.

3. Those who shop through Pinterest spend, on average, twice as much as those who shop on Facebook. The numbers come out to about $80 on Pinterest and $40 on Facebook.

4. Users on Pinterest follow more retail companies than they do on any other social media site. The average Pinterest user follows 9.3 retail companies. This is almost 33% more than Facebook.

5. Pinterest generates more earnings per click than any other social media site. It generates 400% more than twitter and 27% more than Facebook. Pinterest users are ready to buy and looking for good deals or anything that might catch their eye. A huge reason why businesses should use Pinterest.

6. Pinterest women are 33% more likely to have bought consumer electronics in the last two quarters. These products range from tablets to headphones, and once again show us that Pinterest users love to spend. Again, proving the ready to buy mentality of the Pinterest users.

7. Pinterest has more active and registered users than Reddit. Well, the sites have the same number of users, but Pinterest users are much more active and log in much more often. Reddit calls itself “The Front Page of The Internet”, so this is a pretty big deal to be beating them out in terms of active users.

8. The average user spends more time on the site than any other social media site (besides YouTube). The average time spent on the site is 15.8 minutes. YouTube comes in with just a tad bit more – at 16.4 minutes, FaceBook at 12.1 minutes, and Twitter at 3.3 minutes.

9. 50% of Pinterest users have children, which is more than most social media sites. This indicates that Pinterest caters to an above 20 year old demographic. This also explains the plethora of Pinterest boards pertaining to baby clothes, recipes and other related items.

10. Pinterest is expanding its business with very above average growth. In fact, it’s been growing about 180% percent every year.

11. Pinterest reached the 10 million user mark in 33% of the time it took Twitter. This is also very interesting because Pinterest caters to a specific demographic, whereas Twitter matters to the masses.